Jio Tower plans that's best for you

Ever since Jio Telecom Company announced that it was going to do mobile tower installation work across the country, about 1 lakh people have applied to date, out of which only a few thousand people's lands were found valid for the tower, and the successful tower has been put up. Many more towers are yet to be installed, for which an online application is open. According to the area in which you live, you can apply for a new tower installation by choosing one of the plans. For your convenience, the company has provided all the details below, which you should read thoroughly so that you do not face any problems in the future.

Jio Towers Monthly Rent

Rural Package


Semi Urban Package


Urban Package


The best Jio Tower Plans & Packages in India

Jio Telecom has updated its plans and packages for July 2023, so communicate with us for more updates. Jio tower installation semi-urban plans are most famous in India because many states in India that are not yet fully developed are considered in progress. There are many such places in this country, so this is why the semi-urban plan is more popular. But there is no reason why you should make this plan. First of all, you should see which type of area your state comes from, and according to that, you should select your Jio tower installation plan. The complete point-wise information on all the plans is given above. If you still want to know more, you can read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Reliance Jio tower cost & price

5G is now preparing to launch, and its plan may not be different from 5G mobile tower installation plans and packages. But we want to suggest that once you contact us about its information, Jio has always tried to keep its mobile tower installation processing charges as low as possible so that the new applicant does not face any problems Also, we would like to tell you that the Jio Tower Installation Processing Charge will be refunded to you along with your first-month rent of Jio towers. There is no charge for setting up Jio Tower, but the purpose of charging the processing charge is that if all your processes and paperwork are done, then the company wants to confirm whether you want a tower on your property. This means you are interested in installing it or not. So that it does not happen that after all the procedures are done, you say that you do not have to install the tower. This wastes both time and money for the company. This is the main reason why the company takes a processing charge from the new applicant.

"If you have understood all the plans very well and have made a plan to install the tower, then you should fill out the application for tower installation from here today so that your form is reviewed by Jio Telecom as soon as possible. If your location is valid, then the work of installing the mobile tower should be started there."