Complete Process of Jio 4G / 5G Mobile Tower Installation

Jio is one of the largest telecom companies in the world. There are more than 65 crore (65 million) active users in India. It is a very large number compared to other competitive companies. Jio always tries to improve its network; according to the 2019 survey, Jio installs thousands of new towers in urban and rural areas and also takes care of previously installed towers. However, the company feels that it still needs to install more towers so that the network can be better. Jio is now engaged in the preparation of 5G networks, which is why we need to install more towers in every area.

Then, it is a golden chance to install a mobile tower on your property and earn up to 30–50 thousand per month with a one-time advance amount. So why the delay? If you have any vacant land or a cemented house, then register your name for tower installation today and read all terms and conditions before applying because, in many cases, your location does not suit any mobile tower as per the government rules. If your property complies with all the rules and conditions, then feel free to apply today and get approval for a mobile tower installed on your property.

What is Jio 5g tower installation process

  • Must verify the tower's location
  • Due to COVID-19, the online application is valid for new tower installations
  • Complete the documentation steps
  • Submit the Non-Objection certificate (NOC) of the plot
  • Jio 5G tower installation work will be started after clearing all procedures
"If you understood all processes of Jio tower installation then you can apply online here.

Here we have shared the entire process of installing Jio Tower. If you've captured all the points, that's great. Still, if you have any doubts or queries, you can contact us and tell us everything.